Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Us must not equal bound
Nor nurture any insufficient space
Furnish me with your worn attire
And let us muster the definitive
For it is just us now
And there are no others to take our place
Though gladly we would let them
We must now
be the genuine fakes


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Inside Domaine’s chamber

Inside the chamber
Mint chocolate cream and coke
Had to find a place to go
Directed into fiery quarries
Stone gods being raised

Warrior princess with jackhammer
Building icons for posterity
Enduring long and grueling hours
Her sweat polishing the marbel
Her eyes straight fixed into the ether

A crow strayed from his adventures
And eating by her side
A modicum of friendship
At the end of every month
The giant moth season would erupt
A good portion of her day gone to killing one and all

Not negligent enough to rest
The Sabbath was ignored
“Tis its this I gotta do”

Eating Spam sandwiches to keep a go
Dehydrating her iron
It is swift to watch her go
And move the gods into position
“You on top of red”
every planet needs one
“Here you go”

Within the chamber
Happy birthday too ignored


Monday, August 02, 2004


Where you put this circuit iron
And the sausage that it boils
Beware that it hurts
And pencils in a policy
You don’t do twisters
Or goober
And here is the but that counts
But neither do you know the impact of your abstinence
Where I hurt because of the needle that you dint apply
And the substance which you deny
And the moment which negated
And the pleasure
And the passion
Which you did abstain
As a victim of your caution
I spite thee
And pity you
And hurt for it
And would muster
All the mustard
To piquant
The tastelessness
Of your enduring stature



Rattle rattle
Amber amber
Squander squander
Whine whine
Statuary statuary
Mélange, mélange
Beleaguered embittered
Ostentatious ostrich
Canadian bird migration
Going south
After the long hunt
Going south
After survival
But earth changes its polarity
Magnetic north
Now going south
Birds noses sniff out a trajectory
Where the hyperbole
Of nuance driven projectiles
Cometh once more
Twice in the same year
Beleaguered North pole
And a billion ducks will die
But still there is more
And yet no North for those with an iron nose


Degrease the grease

Degrease the grease
A yellow being
Squanderer of daffodils
A master of the race
And ax cleaning with my blood
He seemed a gastric malady
Of looped sporadic
rubber hoofed
And squandering
Degrease the grease
A yellow being
Walked into the mastodon
And sparked a sire of desire
And plunged a naked knife
And promised whole
A drift of mind
That sole imaginings
Degrease the grease
A yellow being Aspire


Your pumpkin tort

Don’t suffocate
you shrinking
deadbolt on your collard bone
The sideways motion of your dizzying
air vacuumings
And your nose is bleeding drop, drop
Muscles bare their strength
Your flat!
Your square!
Your not round!
Your spared yourself
From your own justice
And cried out-loud
Your injustice
Come quick
Hide with me
In my strong hold
Is your monkey key
Your arms embrace
Your pumpkin tort


rocket feet

Just put some rockets on your feet
And let your toes feel the air rush
In the shrinkage of your wrinkles
You will find an air space
Where you can soar
And not go all clank, clank
As is the case for most of us
Just put those rockets in your rocket feet
And claw your way up and up to heaven
You will find upwards and above
The amphetamine in
…atmospheric air
Your eardrums will bounce with all those picking sounds
And you will twirl
…from despair
…but you just push the red button on your rocket shoes
…let the skeletons absorb you
…stay away
…and wash yourself with air
and wash yourself with air


Its your uterus girl

Its your uterus girl
It doesn’t feel any pain
Put a rock in it
Put a dozen leaves in there
Stuff a sock or a cock
Its your uterus girl
It doesn’t feel any pain
It cant feel anything
Put a hanger in it
Stuff it with the anti-pill-baby
And stuff your fingers all in there
And suck out all its creativity
You don’t worry girl
For the uterus doesn’t feel any pain
Oh hush you silly girl
Your not feeling any pain!



Awakening to the idea
That these triplets could be equaled with a foursome
And doubled dated
Adenine with Thymine
And Guanine with Cytosine
The modest gesture of a spiraling
Ass kissing head
Leads to an unequaled copying venture
Where neither can be beaten
By any future propositions
Except a denuded Nobel pair
One gutted-out of all protein
Rest in peace


Thursday, July 22, 2004


The titter tatter has now been prolonged
A net Of some worth
Has been cast about
And the pilgrims are sure
to earn in the conversion
Of someone’s labor
Into cash flow
Squared into luxury


Event Horizon

Oh the politics of a blackhole
Reverse the knowledge of the squanderer
Where energy is lost forever
Not even in love nor in
…Hollywood can this be done
For happy endings are a must
Event horizon misconstrued
Must bleed back the matter
Sucked off by graviton
Reference, “relationship”
in the World Encyclopedia
Cosmic matters cannot
Violate our knowledge base
The mess you’ve made of your life
Can be traced back to its origins


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Question what you know, But keep on

We found a new planet
This planet questions planet formation theory
Measures show that the universe is expanding
At an alarming rate
This paradoxes our understandings
And promulgates the birth of new hypothesis
Without ripping us apart,
our physics
Our physics
     because we can not even find the graviton
And so we gluttons of axiomatic rebellion
Keep precariously a science 
And scientists with peer review
experimenting a search for grants
For an infinite rate of discovery
Fundamentally flawed empirical
Entwined in the eternal knowledge makeover
Repeat anew
Far, far away
We found a new planet
Question what you know
But keep on


Monday, July 19, 2004

Poem Q

It is sufficiently said Madam
That I think it noteworthy enough
That no more of it should ring our ears
As it would procure too much in vain
And leave us tainted through the years
In the old days you know
We stifled such assurances
And condemned such immodesty
Till it disappeared
Where then a friend
A dear friend
Was free to seek the proper council
But now
In these days
Where one is wont to go into the sun without an umbrella
Or where the sun can get to our earth without hesmatospheric interference
It is I that dares warns you
That the ease with which thou swines
Dilute the hush with gossip
May compromise
The sacredness of our classic hype
And condemn us all
To full exposure
Sensor thee, please
For the sake of posterities

Poem J

I think the important thing here
Is not to think about the lullaby
Or the otter
I think it wrong
To think about
The lullaby
Best indeed
To ponder the witty
And the anecdotal
And the preordained
Than to transverse
Upon the grievance
Of the inherent As best fits the modern world

Friday, July 02, 2004


you amorphous mass of luckless ephemera
Branding with your ways our third world
My stomach your prose inspires
I hear you are also in my mouth
And in my ass
Diuretic and yet a fine swimmer!
Why am I puzzled by the abuse you wreck upon your Host
Is it hard for you to die?
Are you then a wretch-polluting empathy?
Your formless-see-through protein impacts
You simplest cell of all
Spreading wildly through antibiotic professions
You’re worthy of your name

Poem Y

How creative it might wind
The thorny rose of elephants roaming
And plants that don’t grow in the water
Or getting go with music rap
Or letting go with balsamic vinegar swap
Its all a pain
In the carnal sanguinary
I am sure pigs blood
And you are surely wrap
In a second I will hide
Behind the child and his laugh
It is so cute
And so defined
I am a mother
Without born


Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Manifest Destiny
From sea to shiny sea
The melting pot
Of iron fisted fears

Alarm wakes up
Shower and deodorant heavenly
Coffee wired
450 horsepower traffic jams
Giving it back to the environment
Radio fanatic humor
Radio fanatic politics
Turn left
Turn right
Jockeying meetings
Review by your boss
Review by your peers
Review by your customers
Review the new girl in accounting
Testing your gossip
Review by your bank
No layoff’s today
Don’t drive drunk
Happy hour salty peanuts
Review by your children
Book review
Movie review
Restaurant review
Culture worn on t-shirts
Economic growth 3%, better than average but needs improvement
Traffic news
Weekend weather
Sitcom fast food laundry

World News Today or Find A New Enemy

The rest of the world wants to kill you
They have bombs
They have gas
They have germs
They have tuberculosis
They have malnutrition
They have the mob
They have the underground
They have many children
They have Islamic tendencies
They want to steal your money
They hunger for your intellectual property
They want to bribe you
They want you to bribe them
They want to corrupt your freedom
They want to kidnap you
They want to drug you
They are malicious and cruel
They circumcise women
They don’t let them drive cars
They don’t let them wear makeup
They don’t fear your Christian god
They don’t fear the law
They don’t fear you
They are illiterate
They are underemployed
They all want to come here
Overly armed and going nuclear
They are anarchist
They use child labor
They beat their wives
They sodomize boys and rape girls
They elect dictators
They blow things up
They don’t like news reporters

And now for your local news:

New drug cures cancer
Physiology is not destiny gene therapy is
Scientists have discovered a gene that when turned on it is an alarm clock
95 percent religiosity and going for 100
Don’t stop drinking or smoking alone
The stock market bullish bound bear
The longest aging populace a short term voting majority
Elderly pay homage to Indian casinos
Teens are drinking and smoking more
Teens are having more unprotected sex
Out of this world colonies
Gloating chemotherapy
Ripening cesareans
Your kids’ education is the worst that it has ever been
Garbage collectors get paid more than teachers
Your forever abnormal local weather
The Internet is changing your world unlike the phone, the wheel and world war II
The nuclear family invented in America barely a decade after the atomic bomb
Moral breakdown of the social fiber that would shock Genghis Khan, Cleopatra and Henry VIII
America adolescent isolationist ever masturbating with its toys
And the winning lottery numbers are…
Not yours
Computers are getting cheaper faster and smaller
And smarter, they can beat you at chess, at poker, at being difficult
Child abductions prove how caring milk companies are
A dozen new dieting plans make liposuction the last self improvement option
Phone scamming nice seniors
Seniors using their voting majority to scam the rest of us
Doctors recommend that you intern yourself for colon and breast cancer exams
Everything is genetics, you can have every illness ever known to Adam and Eve and beyond
The Christian right wants to reverse reengineer humanity
Homeless people on city streets making it harder for businesses to make a decent living
Not enough cops
Not enough jails
Not enough protection
We are too free
New surveillance cameras allow police to protect you without detecting your privacy
Cross training for sex
Rising low sperm counts
Traffic jams
Love jams
Happy ecstasy

And now back to our regular commercials programming

The wild world of animals, they just don’t know
The exciting world of sports from your couch
Soap opera incest, affairs, and money hoarding, not like you
Cop show rape murder mystery, premiering
Detective show murder mystery, remake
Lawyer show murder, scam, betrayal mystery, sequel
Doctors save lives, have affairs, lose face
Purchasable nanny-toons will entertain your kids tomorrow
Comedy, best out downs put downs
And now for our movie of the week: aliens invade the planet, or your body, or your sister
A special report on illegal aliens and welfare recipients

In the final moral analysis it is good to remind the ever struggling moral right that:
In 98.2% of all books, movies and television programming good always prevails in the end!
And of the 1.8% remainder, when the bad guy wins he turns out to be a misunderstood good guy
The bible stands out because it has nothing but promises and a bad ending; even so, it is still the best seller of all time
“That which God has brought together no man can bring asunder.” Translation:
In the entire history of humanity not a single good marriage has ended in divorce!
Patriots always become victors or martyrs
Traitors are always discovered, jailed or shot to pieces
Success comes to those that never stop trying
The rich know we live in a classless society
The middle class knows we live in a meritocracy
The lower class doesn’t know anything
A strong dollar buys you more vacation fun abroad
Angels are secretly working your life better everyday
Someday you are going to Mars

Go to sleep SuperBowl


Strain 121

Strain 121 you’re still alive!
Hell’s cauldron not enough for you
When I think of what all that means
You wouldn’t boil
Neither anywhere of forgotten extreme
How you dare volcanic strength
And ten atmospheres
When we see you hog one millionth of a meter
We pause a thought
Could you think, really?
Are those dangling circular machinations temperament inhibitors?
Why, you couldn’t be bothered with earth warming shouts from Greens
Strain 121
you’re alive at 266 degrees!
We are overjoyed



Don’t get wrinkles in your face
From such deep voice
Don’t get wrinkles in your face
Stretch them lips out far and wide
Swallow whole your universe
Spindle dingle candle wax
Foster envy in disguise
57 octaves below middle C
careens… a disemboweled B-flat



Mass appeal we appeal to you


Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Protected by my bandage of desire
Mute nature sounding out through the ripples and frowns
My vibrant roots clinging to my soles
Unearthed his veins
Unearthed his thoughts
Bandaged by the strength of fears
“Hello my son?”


Monday, June 14, 2004


One speck of wood
Wood burnt through crisis
Suppliant amber gone to twist off
Our part in lush green gone
Gone the rings per year
Now floating speck of wood
Floating wood


Friday, June 11, 2004


Longer range
No dong
Found out to be light
Wave like
Just by shedding weight
And hanging light
No dong goes further
And nearer still
To you and me
No Dong
Yes Dong



Oh you see we see
A failure in the rotor valve
It will not turn
It will not block
It will not swing
A failure in the rotor valve
You call the man
To fix the thing
He cost an hour
More than you
And so you fix
The rotten wires
And dislocate the parts
By hours
It is insane
To think that you
Could fix the thing
Could fix the thing
And not a fly
The flu


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dead Heart

To draw an enemy there within
And make him dear and felt
And touch him with the needle point
And curse him with tongue tied
It is the way

And then to watch him rise in wrath
And clothe him with a guard
And nurture him with fear
And tumble with his very sight

We don’t, do we
Now stranded in the heat of battle
For foe well planted
And friend in doubt
Feeble, fizzle little twat

Commercial in five minutes
Entry number one
I gesture
Please, please
Twat for that

Is that